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If you are a senior looking for help with Medicare, please visit this site.

#1) If you can scan documents into a PDF and send via e-mail, that is the preferred method.
Send the contracts to: [email protected]
or FAX: 1-888-837-5083

#2) If you are sending contracts, by e-mail OR FAX, please only send ONE company’s contract for each transmission.

Transmission 1:  New Era contract with license, VOID check, E&O if required in that state

Transmission 2: TransAmerica contract with license, VOID check, E&O

Transmission 3: CIGNA contract with license, VOID check, E&O.

This saves hours of cutting, pasting, stitching and re-sending contracts that are all jumbled together into one fax that usually never makes in one piece anyway when trying to send multiple companies at once.  Thank you!

Training and Support are here:

Training is now available to all agents, new, old, contracted elsewhere, not contracted – doesn’t matter. See:

Medicare Agent Training


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