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“My mother-in-law was in town here in charleston last week and she asked us to go with her to walmart so she could look for a cell phone plan.

So we did and they had all these different companies listed there the salesperson came over he was supposed to be a cell phone expert and he said yeah all these plans are you know basically the same little bit of differences but and the only thing you should really compare is the price of these plans we looked a little bit deeper and there’s a lot more to it customer reviews service network to name a few all these things are totally different with the companies it’s not just based on price fast forward to today it’s a memorial day weekend out here on shim creek and i got a support ticket yes it’s sunday but got a question from an agent on hey on your contracting site sellmedicarebyphone.com you don’t have this little bitty carrier and this little bitty carrier and what are you gonna do when the customer says i want the cheapest thing in the market and you don’t have it aren’t we supposed to list all the cheapest plans in the market because that’s what we do as brokers and i would say no my customers pay me by selecting a plan based on my experience and expertise in the market to know the difference between a brand new startup junkie plan in my opinion because i’ve done the research that’s my job and the difference between those plans and the real good carriers that they’ll be happy to have a little partying going on so when they’re asking the question what would you do which is what they do in every case the answer is here’s the company that i would pick and guess what it is one of the companies that we’ve listed that we’ve contracted with so if you’re just contracting with absolutely every company in the market what good are you why can’t they just go to the states insurance website find the cheapest crappiest plan that they can and they don’t need you at all what they need you for is advice what they turn to you for is counsel and guidance and the question that i always use is my guiding principle is what would you put your mom on what would i put my mom on would i put her with these fly-by-night companies that are paying 150 bonus for signing them up with the cheapest plan in the market that two years from now will probably have a 20 rate increase heck no why not it’s the cheapest thing today isn’t it easy just to say this the cheapest thing today yes if you have no game whatsoever if you think that this is just a commodity market with no value whatsoever for the research that should be done the due diligence that should be done by a licensed insurance professional which is what they expect you to be see anybody can shop on price but not just anybody can shop on value and the value is having a steady stable rate increase with a company that’s not outsourcing all their customer service that didn’t just start yesterday so they’ll have a rebound rate increase within two years based on not losing money anymore after their grace period with the state department of insurance has expired from being a brand new startup company it takes experience and the expertise that your client is looking for to recommend not only the cheap thing every time does the good company happen to be cheap sometimes and happen to be number one yes it does happen but what my 12 years of selling medicare supplements has taught me is when you go with the cheap every time it’ll come back to not only bite your client in the butt but also you if you have a big handful of clients that you all put with just the crappiest littlest cheapest company in the market because of the the bonus that they paid you those chickens will come home to roost and you will be the one that pays the price with angry people who will not give you the referrals that other people would have had you put them with a name brand carrier that you trust that have been in the business for maybe 100 150 years total that everybody knows is a household name that they will then sleep well at night knowing that you put them with a truck with a trusted brand that they’ve maybe even grown up with that they know all those factors have to go into your recommendation not just merely a walmart agent handing somebody a list of the cheapest plans and saying ah they’re all the same just pick the cheapest that’s the value that your clients expect you to bring and you owe it to them if you want to be in this business for a long time if you want to be in this business for a short period of time have nasty angry customers because of what you’ve done then just do it you know based on today but if you want to build it into a long-term business that you can then will to your heirs and leave behind a legacy then you need to choose carefully with whom you do business and who you recommend to your clients i’m chris westfall from medicareagenttraining.com thanks for watching hey and if you want some updates on things that might help you and your business subscribe to this channel it’s free it’s on youtube take care they’re going to go see yeah does he have what oh my gosh it’s taking him forever trying to go under the boat come on dude put your back into it he’s just standing there like he doesn’t even care he’s gonna break his line soon come on there it is oh it’s a stingray dang it man that’s the second one caught out here they’re gonna make sure he does the right thing by that stingray that’s for sure [Music] you

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