There are Two Aetna Contracts Here: Medicare Supplements & Medicare Advantage (below)

Medicare Supplement Contract

Aetna includes the companies of American Continental and Continental Life and Accendo.

They have great service, stable rates, and a great electronic application.

Here is the contracting for Aetna/Accendo Medicare Supplement.
Once registered, click Appointment Request, then move through slides on the top right where it says “NEXT”.

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Commission Level for Aetna = Level 8 (Full street) Click Here 

Medicare Advantage Contract

Check out highlights below:

Aetna Medicare Advantage plans (MA, MAPD) are available in 45 states plus D.C.

New expansion in 358 new Counties expanding total footprint to 1,349 Counties.

Aetna will reach 75.4% of all Medicare eligible with expansion

Quality Star leader with 88% of members in a 4 star or higher plan

Most plans include coverage for a free membership to a fitness facility

On-demand Aetna/Coventry Marketing materials that can be ordered at permits you to identify more prospects that need extra help with prescription drugs and other needs.

Aetna has a complete portfolio of Senior Products including MA, PDP, Med Supp, and Ancillary products

Aetna & Coventry is now merged into one contract.
This contract will allow you to sell MA, MAPD, and standalone PDP plans.

Note: For quicker processing of your contract make sure to certify prior to submitting your contract.
Otherwise, your contract will go into pending status.

STEP 1: Here is the website to begin certification:

Aetna requires AHIP certification and the fee is $125 if linked through the Aetna portal.

STEP 2: Complete and submit the invitation request form below to

Aetna-SilverScript Medicare Advantage Contracting Invitation Request Form

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