Automated Referral System

Critical for keeping your clients on the books
and generating massive referrals.

  • Automatically follow up on all of your new clients with custom greeting cards
  • Personalized Thank you card sent out immediately
  • Referral generating cards sent on schedule
  • Birthday cards (automatically)
  • Christmas cards to all clients
  • More referral generating cards sent..

..all totally automated.

Once you set up your campaign, you simply place your new client in the system and it takes care of the rest.

[ Real Greeting Cards delivered via U.S. Mail – NOT eCards! ]
Value of $1,997
[ It’s Included – FREE when you sign up with a Picture Plus plan or better.]

Test the system right now by sending a real card yourself! You will be amazed at the quality of the cards. There are more than 10,000 cards to choose from and you can send a printed card in under a minute from any computer with an internet connection.

See the entire system right here and see videos on how insurance agents are using it to start a flood of referrals – automatically. You can follow up with your clients with a personalized message delivered in a greeting card to their real mailbox that they will DEFINITELY appreciate.

This is the system that all of the top marketers are using to keep in touch with their clients on a regular basis.
See it here.

Then, come back here for this link, where you can send a card as a guest, and pick the best option for you on how you can use the system.
You should get the PicturePlus option for incredibly personalized cards… either at the retail or wholesale level.

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