CIGNA Medicare

There are Two Cigna Contracts Here: Medicare Supplements & Medicare Advantage (below)

Medicare Supplement

CIGNA has launched their new Medicare Supplement brand under the name Cigna Health & Life Insurance Company.
Their older brand, still sold in some places, is American Retirement Life Insurance Company (ARLIC).
Loyal American Life is also under the CIGNA brand and covered by this contract.

The new Medicare supplement plan is available nearly nationwide with very attractive rates, electronic enrollment capabilities, and great agent support.

CIGNA Medicare Supplement Contract 
Once registered, click Contracting Requests, then Create Request, and choose American Retirement Life Ins Co (ARLIC). Be sure to choose “Yes” for Cigna’s other brands (CHLIC, LOYAL, and CNHIC)

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Commission Level for Cigna is Level: GA (Full street)

No E and O is required.

Medicare Advantage

Please click here to download a contact form for Cigna Healthspring Medicare Advantage.
Please then scan and send the form to:
or FAX to:

Sending this form will cause an electronic link to be e-mailed to you for Cigna HealthSpring.
Please allow up to 24 hours for the online contracting link to be generated, as it is specific for you.


Or call 1-800-729-9590

CIGNA Loyal American Medicare Supplement Contracting