Cross-Selling for Cash Flow

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They’re now doing $10million+ per year

You will very soon have a fast growing database of senior clients.
You must realize the amount of savings you have brought to the client and his/her spouse. Very often, it is a great opportunity to use some or all of the savings for a final expense plan.

All of the veterans agree, it is best to deliver this final expense solution after the medicare supplement policy has been delivered. Once you have placed the new client in the automated card system, they will have received your Thank You card. Shortly after the receipt of your personalized Thank You card, you should call them with a recommendation, based on their age, conditions as you know them, and amount of premium dollars you have saved them.

As with any final expense sale, it’s best to provide a few options (low, medium, high) for them to consider. It is very likely that they will already be familiar now with dealing with you through the mail, so sending them the life application will not be a problem for them at all. You can take advantage of great plans such which can all be done through the mail.

You will be building two very valuable books of referral income by cross-selling Final Expense plans with your happy clients that you’ve saved money for on their Medicare Supplement!

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