Dental Vision Hearing-Manhattan

Update: 3/7/16: Florida has been approved as a dental plan with a hearing and vision rider. The rates are slightly higher in Florida.
Update: 12/17/16:
A letter from the senior VP at the parent company (Manhattan Life) confirms the updates we’ve brought to you on this product. It is #1 in the market and here to stay! See the letter here (#3 in the letter has changed 1/1/18) and the new product map here.

Watch the webinar on this incredible plan:

Contracting for Cental United Life’s popular Dental+Vision+Hearing plan:
This is a two-step process IF you are requesting Advanced commissions.

  1. Click here for the electronic contracting (Contracting will say it is Manhattan Life, but it is only for THIS product through their Central United Life subsidiary.)
    This contract will not have any effect on your Manhattan Life Medicare contract.
  2. CUL & FLIC Advance Agreement – THE ADVANCING FORM , send back via fax to: 1-888-837-5083 or via e-mail to WITH all state licenses.

Some key takeaways:

  1. Guarantee issue = no health questions. Perfect add on for ALL of your presentations, even declines!
  2. This product is in HUGE demand, especially when compared to normal “dental-only” insurance plans.
  3. This is a pool of money that covers dental, plus vision, plus hearing exams and hearings aids…not just a dental plan.
  4. This pays in addition to any other discounts or coverage. It does not coordinate care with other coverage.
  5. No Networks! Clients can use ANY dentist that accepts cash! (That’s every dentist).
  6. Covers fillings, extractions, cleanings right away. No waiting period for basic care.
  7. As of January 1, 2018, new policies pay based on 100% of “Usual and Customary” charges for claims. Older policies will continue to have claims paid based on ACTUAL submitted charges.
  8. Increases in benefits the longer they keep the plan – this encourages them to keep the plan.
  9. SUPER EASY E-APP – No signatures needed
    1. On the E-app, it asks for height/weight, employer.
      These do not matter. We put anything in there for H/W and “retired”.
    2. They do Just-In-Time appointments, but need to know all of your states up front
    3. You will be receiving an auto-enrollment link that you can send to ALL existing clients and promote!
    4. Policies are E-mailed to the client, not printed. If they wanted it printed, you can print and mail from the portal.

For a PDF version of the map, click here.

Central United Life Dental Vision Hearing

DVH Map as of 03/06/17