Devoted Health

Devoted Health is one of the fastest-growing Medicare Advantage plans in the country.
They have a unique perspective on taking care of their clients.

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How to get started in Agent Portal

  1. Create an Account using this link
    (Existing Agents: log into your existing account)
  2. Complete Onboarding
  3. Start the Certification Process

Your Commission Type:


This means your enrollment commission will be paid directly to you by Devoted Health. You must receive a Ready To Sell* email before you can market Devoted Health in any market.

Important Things To Know

  • If you have completed the Core Medicare training, we accept AHIP, PinPoint and NABIP (formerly NAHU) certificates. If not, you can now complete the AHIP training and get a $50 discount. The link will also be available in our certification workflow.
  • The Devoted Health Product Training & Exam informs you on how to compliantly market Devoted Health benefits and satisfy the annual CMS Medicare Compliance Program requirements.
  • To receive renewals for business sold in prior years, you must be licensed and appointed to sell Medicare products per state laws and recertified annually.
  • Completing the PY2024 Certification will also allow you to market PY2023 benefits in our current service areas.
  • A face-to-face certification is not required.
  • For more guidance, please refer to the Devoted Agent Portal Quick Start Guide or visit us at