Silverscript Part D

Silverscript Part D 

Important information about Silverscript and why we love them:
  • You can send an e-mail link to the client and they easily enroll on their own with NO Scope of Appointment needed
  • They are the largest in the country
  • They are owned by Aetna-CVS – huge name recognition, but clients do not have to use CVS
  • This year, lower premiums, increased formularies and pharmacies offered
Having added Silverscript in 2016 was one of the best things we have done. The simplicity of asking the folks that have called in what they are doing with their Part D and then just sending them the link to review and sign up has made a big impact, and the clients have loved it.
Some things to understand if offering Part D:
  • You cannot advertise for Part D – don’t even mention it on your website, trust me.
  • You cannot cold call for Part D. Same Medicare Advantage rules apply on marketing.
  • Do not put out videos mentioning companies, plan information, co-pays, networks, etc. = NOTHING
  • Any and all advertising mentioning the above must be plan and CMS approved. Just say no.

All that said, here’s the opportunity with Silverscript (see the video), should you choose to look into it.

Again, remember, that with the e-mailed link to the client, no scope of appointment is required. They merely get the link in e-mail and sign themselves up. Very easy.

Contracting with Silverscript is accomplished by submitting an Aetna Invitation Request Form to Due to the recent Aetna-CVS merger, SilverScript is now an Aetna company. Beginning with 2020 business, you must hold an active Aetna MAPD contract in order to offer SilverScript Part D plans.

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