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“Hey there it’s Chris it is in the morning time heading into the office and they say that you should they the people who are very successful then I try to follow saying you should start your morning with gratitude because if you don’t if you’re thinking about the problems and you’re just focused on what you don’t have and what you’re ungrateful for if that’s what tends to increase wherever you focus your attention toward if you focus your attention toward things that you’re grateful for those are the things that tend to increase wherever your heart goes that’s where things tend to increase because you’re giving it more power by focusing on it and boy is that ever true so today after I’m going through all the things that I’m thankful for I’m then going through my goal list for the day and it’s pretty much the same every day and that is I really want to be able to help somebody today whether it’s an agent whether it’s a client whether it’s an employee whether it’s somebody my family whether it’s a friend I really want to help somebody today so I’m going to be actively looking for who that person is that I can give something to in some way that’s how I want to start every day the second thing is what can I learn to be better equipped to help somebody in the future every night I go through marketing courses and things that are offered by different people that are successful in different industries and I buy a lot of courses a lot from different people some of them I get halfway through somebody skim through some of it I go all in on but I never want to get to the part where I’m hesitant or reluctant to expose myself to something new that could be beneficial and so every day with all the things that I have I want to at least spend some active time perusing those things to come away with one nugget one new thing that we could possibly implement last night I got an email from a colleague in the industry told me something about some carrier that I’ll be able to share with our agents that’s really cool and and always looking for that little nugget like oh good we learned something new how can we implement this to help other people and so as I’m purposely designing my morning starting with what I’m thankful for with an overwhelming sense of gratitude for what every single thing is and going through them one by one not just generally but specifically what I’m thankful for and who I’m thankful for having been in my life in my life now but the experiences that we’ve just been able to go through the growth the status of our business the fact that we picked the right niche we picked the right delivery model that everything is firing on all cylinders just thankful for it really and what can I learn today that will possibly help somebody else today or in the future or help our business to put us in a better position so that we can spend less time doing the things that we need to do and do them more efficiently for people I just want to learn something every day and I think it’s that well I know for a fact it’s that thirst for knowledge let me give you something else to look at it’s much better than staring at my mug I know that it’s that thirst for knowledge every day that has made such an impact in our lives and I’m talking about my family and my my bigger family that we’ve been able to influence or help in some way it’s not settling for mediocrity or settling for okay this works let’s just keep doing this forever and wait for either the competition to take it away from us the government to take it away from us or a company to take it away from us we’ve got to continue to learn to expand to adapt to look at new opportunities to look at new companies to look at new methods to look at new products to look at new everything so that we can continue to evolve and not be stagnant because either you’re moving forward or you’re going backward and in our agency we’re constantly brainstorming on what we can do to improve our service delivery to improve our retention our happy retention I mean they’re going to stay because it’s Medicare but we want our customers to be raving fans and we can only accomplish that if we give them that level of service that they ik that they’re blown away with not just checking the box and saying okay we did that but how can we go beyond that and that’s what we’re working on all the time and I think it takes that constant edge looking ahead rather than just focusing on head down just doing the next thing right in front of our face we have to look up look over the horizon and say what can we add down the road what can we start to get better at what can we begin to learn what are other people in our industry doing we’re there on the cutting edge and we can possibly learn from that or pay to go to a course or enroll in something online or watch a movie watch a video on YouTube on how to do something better than you did before and it’s a great road of discovery because it’s always something new you can add two weeks ago I met with a lady super nice lady and she has a amazing business background but she’s been contemplating going into business for herself so she was in bad experienced after bad experience and the common thread was she was looking for people to do everything for her build her website hold her hand go out in the field sit there with a client explain everything with them help her sign the applications help her figure out everything having to do with their own marketing all that stuff she wanted the leads done for you wanted everything explained for without doing any research she wanted to be in a position employee everything done for and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that she will make an excellent employee as she has done for the last 40 years we’ll make it an excellent employee but the difference between a business owner and employee is you have to go all in and all risk without an expectation that anybody somebody else somewhere is gonna do it all for you that’s the difference but if everything’s on you then you have to figure it out and if you can’t figure it out you have to find somebody else who already has and you have to find a mentor and do what they’re doing that works you have to you can’t expect somebody else is gonna do it all for you and no matter who you plug into is not gonna have absolutely everything ironed out for you unless you intend on being an employee and there’s nothing wrong with that but thinking about the marketing paying for the marketing testing the marketing retesting the marketing losing money and marketing until you figure out the marketing and then setting up the infrastructure setting up the office setting up everything that’s necessary for it is a big deal for someone who wants to just be an employee and wants everything done for absolutely nothing wrong with it but you can’t come into business with the mindset that everything’s gonna be done for you because it’s a false expectation and it’s only going to lead to disappointment and failure her expectations had been failed from the beginning she expected that the entrepreneur lifestyle was going to be the same thing as the employee lifestyle except she’d plug into somebody else’s system get all the rewards of being the entrepreneur on the successful side with none of the drawbacks of being an entrepreneur on the negative side and it just doesn’t work that way to the extent that your risk is the extent that you can potentially profit and if there is no risk there is no profit you know as I’m thinking going to the office how helicopter up there how thankful I am to be in business and how thankful I am to surround myself with people who are customer focused have a work ethic that they want to show up and help people every day and how can we find more people like that so starting out every day with gratitude and looking for what can I learn who can I help today who can I help today and how and being open to that being receptive to it and actively looking for opportunities that will cross your path and go there it is that’s what I’ve been looking for that’s the person that I’m going to spend my energy on helping today because the timing will be right if you’re looking for it it’s an old axiom that says when the student is ready the teacher will appear same thing with the opportunity they say that luck is the meaning of opportunity meets preparation have to be prepared for it get your mind settled for what are you gonna do when the opportunity presents itself you’re not going to think about it you’re not going to make a plan at that point you’re gonna jump on it because you’ve already predetermined you pre decided what you’re gonna do and then if you look for that opportunity during the day just seize upon it then you’ll you don’t have anymore decision to make you just jump on it and then people are like what in the world why did you do that because I was ready for it you didn’t know it was gonna happen I didn’t know what’s gonna happen but when it did happen I was ready and then you can take action and then everybody’s happy if you’re in a in a state of outside of yourself to the point that you can be ready to jump to help somebody man that’s an awesome feeling it is awesome or we could all choose to focus on what we don’t have to focus no matter where you are starting to focus on what’s wrong what’s my biggest problem how am I gonna fix my biggest problem with the resources that I only have in my own head or expand it all flip it around who can I help today in some way and I’m not just talking about money and when you help somebody else you get out of your own head and you expand the opportunities that are available for you I don’t know it’s called the law of reciprocity give and it shall be given unto you press down shaken together and running over that year cut won’t be able to handle it all starts by looking for an opportunity to do something for somebody and it’s a great way to start the day all right I’m here you’ll have a good one you

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